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In 1994, PAMS initiated sponsorship of medical mission trips to Peru.  After suffering the consequences of the war on terrorism, Ayacucho became one of the poorest regions of the country.  From 2007 to 2017, North Texas volunteers have participated in medical mission in Ayacucho, Huancavelica, and Yantaló. We have been involved in the care of over 2500 patients and performed approximately 480 surgical procedures, mainly in children. The North Texas Chapter volunteers to Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Yantaló, and El Pedregal Missions have been privileged to serve the people in most need of medical attention and has provided education to the community and medical staff with great success. In addition, we had a social program and supported orphanages in Ayacucho and Huancavelica. We also started a bicycle donation program for schoolchildren to encourage attendance to school. This program started in Huancavelica in 2013, and continued in Yantalo in 2014-2016, and 2019, El Pedregal, La Libertad in 2017-2018. Approximately 400 bicycles have been donated to schoolchildren.

Medical Mission to Clinica Adelina Soplin, Yantaló Foundation, Yantaló, San Martín, on July 6-12, 2019.

The mission took place at Clinica Adelina Soplin, Yantaló Foundation. Director is Dr. Luis Vasquez.

Medical Mission members: 

Physicians: Cristian David Armas, Carlos Cerrón, Dave Halpern, Micaela Kcomt, Rhoda Leichert, Hetendra Makanbhai, Silvia Noriega, Luis Paredes, Thomas Shima, Pablo Uceda.

Dentist: Steve Guelff.

Nurses: Jainy Aguilar, Marsha Decay, Huong Ngo, Maria Limongi, Chenwi Ononogbu, Elizabeth Pearson, Lori Steinle, Melanie Uceda.

Technitians: Sandra Aristizabal, Diana Munoz, Jasmine Richmond. 

Medical students: Lauren Marie, Sara Peterson.

College students: Jeremy Grant, Sareena Baktha, Madeline Lane, Jasmine Richardson, Ernesto Robinson, Daniela Shiraz, Alexandra Uceda, Gabriel Uceda, Sophia Uceda. High school students: Michael Busser, Jai Baktha, Katie Lane.

Non-medical: Joann Lane

Our group evaluated and treated 230 patients in these specialties: Internal and Family Medicine, Plastic surgery, Vascular surgery, and Dentistry.

37 patients were evaluated for Plastic surgery and 20 underwent surgeries.

53 patients were evaluated in the vascular surgery clinic mainly for venous disease. All underwent venous duplex evaluation. 14 underwent surgical procedures that included stab phlebectomy and greater saphenous vein stripping (7 patients bilateral procedures). 9 patients underwent outpatient sclerotherapy.

140 patients were evaluated in the Family Medicine Clinic, including 100 at the town of Los Angeles. 

Bicycle Donation Yantalo Foundation, July 7, 2019

We donated 50 bicycles to school children that walk to school for more than 45 minutes, on July 7. The bicycle donation was performed at Clinica Adelina Soplin on July 7, 2019 and benefited students of the School “Institución Educativa No 00851”. San Francisco de Pajonal, Yantaló. Children attended the ceremony with teachers and family members.

Participation at “Primer Curso Internacional de Nefrología y Enfermería: Retos del mañana” at Instituto Peruano del Corazón (INCOR).  July 13, 2019.


This course was organized by Centro Nacional de Salud Renal de Essalud. PAMS members Dr. Pablo V. Uceda and Dr. Herschl Silberman participated giving lectures in complications of dialysis vascular access and cardiovascular disease in chronic renal disease, respectively. Other members of Yantalo mission group also participated. Dr. Thomas Shima and Dr. Rhoda Leichert, lectured on management of renal disease in the community, and arteriovenous fistulas for dialysis, respectively. 

Mission at Hospital Nacional “Dos de Mayo”. July 15-16, 2019.

Dr. Pablo V. Uceda and Dr. Julio Peralta, Director of Servicio of Cirugía de Tórax y Cardiovascular planned a medical mission to evaluate and treat dialysis patients with complex central vein occlusions. Dr. Rhoda Leichert, vascular surgeon from University Vascular Associates Group, Los Angeles, CA, also joined this activity. Fourteen patients were evaluated and 7 underwent procedures. One patient  was dialyzing using a femoral catheter and was diagnosed of bilateral innominate vein occlusion. He was treated successfully treated succesfully with endovascular techniques and the right innominate vein was recanalized angioplastied and stented. He now will be candidate for a right arm dialysis access. One young woman was dependent on a left jugular vein dialysis catheter and was diagnosed of occluded left innominate vein and superior vena cava. This complex case was treated successfully with angioplasty and placement of a HeRO conduit and a left arm vascular access. the total cost of the donated endovascular supplies for this mission was over $25,000. Central vein occlusion in dialysis patients in Peru continues to be a major problem and we hope that our experience can encourage the creation of Dialysis Vascular Access Centers to treat these conditions.

Mission at Hospital Nacional “Dos de Mayo”. July 19-20, 30, 2018.

Dr. Pablo V. Uceda and Dr. Julio Peralta, Director of Servicio of Cirugía de Tórax y Cardiovascular planned a medical mission to evaluate and treat dialysis patients with complex central vein occlusions. 20 patients were evaluated and 11 underwent procedures. We identified 4 superior vena cava occlusions and one innominate vein occlusion treated succesfully with aggressive endovascular techniques using a transseptal needle, stenting and HeRO conduits, which marks the first time that HeRO conduits were implanted in Perú. We also performed subclavian vein angioplasty and rescued fistulas with stenting. The total cost of the donated endovascular supplies for this mission was approximately $30,000. Central vein occlusion in dialysis patients in Peru is a major problem and we hope that this experience can contribute to allow Hospital “Dos de Mayo” treat these conditions.

Medical Mission to El Pedregal, La Libertad on July 23-27, 2018.

The mission took place at Centro Médico Divina Misericordia of “Rosas de Guadalupe” Foundation. The Director is Dr. Rosa Uceda.

Medical Mission members: 

Physicians: Micaela Kcomt, Luis Pinillos, Thomas Shima, Jorge Silva, Pablo Uceda, Rosa Uceda.

Dentist: Felipe Rios.

Nurses: Lori Steinle, Melanie Uceda.

Students: Katia Pancorvo, Gabriel Uceda.

Non-medical: Joann Lane

Our group evaluated and treated 252 patients in these specialties: Internal and Family Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatry, and Dentistry.

On July 25, we traveled to Santiago de Chuco and joined Santiago de Chuco mission for a day. Dr. Pablo Perez allocated our volunteers in several areas of attention. We visited “Funrosas” office and donated toys, coloring books, blankets, toothpaste and brushes to 23 children.  We visited the new Hospital in the morning of July 26.

We were very pleased with our visit and have decided to continue our support to “Rosas de Guadalupe” Foundation in 2019. We believe it will make an impact to  improve health care of this community. Our Chapter made a $5,000 donation to the Foundation for the purchase of medications to be supplied to patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension. Our projects are to create a database of patients and a project to improve dental care.

Bicycle Donation El Pedregal, July 24, 2018

We donated 50 bicycles to schoolchildren that walk to school for more than 45 minutes, on July 24. Children from 4 schools were selected and attended the ceremony with school principals and family members.

El Pedregal Mission, June 5-8, 2017

We decided to visit an area affected by rain and flooding in the north of Peru. We chose to support "Rosas de Guadalupe Foundation" because they had built a Clinic to serve the community of El Pedregal, district of Simbal, La Libertad. This area was severely affected by the natural disaster.


Daniel Andía
Nathaly Cortez
Jennifer Delgado
Thomas Shima
Herschl Silberman
Pablo Uceda
Rosa Uceda

400 patients evaluated.

Bicycle Donation Project

We identified 12 schools with students that have to walk to school for 45 minutes to one hour or more and consider them candidates for the project. We contacted school principals and teachers and so they inform parents and students of the requirement of school attendance in order to receive a bicycle. We identified 96 students who were candidates. There were 29 girls and 67 boys between the ages of 8 and 15 years.

We decided to donate 50 bicycles and contacted a Peruvian nonprofit organization “En Bici al Cole” who agreed to match our donation to provide bicycles for all the 96 candidates. Bicycles were purchased from the company “Monark” in Lima, transported to El Pedregal and assembled on June 6, 2017. On June 6, 2017, students were summoned to the clinic and the bicycle donation took place at 9 am. 

We hope that this project will incentivize these students to continue to go to school and obtain basic education that may improve their future and their families. This project may improve the reception of this community to the efforts of Fundacion Rosa de Guadalupe to improve health care.

Yantalo Mission, June 10-17, 2017


Anna Allred
Bardia Amirlak
Carlos Cerron
Julia Chen
Sitaram Chilakamarry
Marco Gomez
Hetendra Makhanbai
Andrea Murray
Gerardo Orfanos
Herschl Silberman
Pablo Uceda


Mojan Safavi


Marla Dorris
Jessica Jennings
Maria Limongi
Lori Steinle
Melanie Uceda
Norma Urbina

Medical Students:

Joo Lee
Jinwan Kim

College Students:

Tim Liaco
Eric Nunez
Aaron Patel
Jessica Son
Gabriel Uceda

Non Medical:

Brenda Allred
Tristin Faryan
Doris Martinez
Carmen Martinez
Morgan Morris
Aisha Morris
Pamela Orfanos
Brianna Rojo
Yael Silberman

Medical Mission:

60 patients evaluated. 25 procedures in 22 patients.

Palate/Lip           5
Scar revision       7  (3 face, 4 extremity)
Syndactily           5
Ear cases            3
Polydactyly         1
Labiaplasty         1
Eyebrow cyst      2
Umbilical hernia  1

Dental, Cardiology, Pediatrics clinics evaluated > 100 patients

Yantaló Mission 2016, June 11-18, 2016 


Kevin Benito, Guillermo Bardales, Nikklas Bittrich, Paul Deramo, Venkata Ghana, Enrique Linan, Dave Halpern, Kevin Klein, Felipe Mercado, Rajiv Pandit, Scott Pinson, Thomas Shima, Jenni Schuler, Herschl Silberman, Enmanuel Ubiñas, Pablo Uceda, Beth Wright.

Nurses,PA, and technitians:

Sandra Aristizal (Ultrasound Technitian), Saul Castillo, Diana Munoz (OR technitian), John Green, Joyce Koech, Alison Nyugen (PA), Angie Henderson, Andre Henderson, Maria Limongi (CRNA), Marie Lou Pierce, Marg Sullivan, Melanie Uceda.

Pharmacologist: Raju Patel.

Medical Students: Ana Colmenero, Allie Klein.


Henry Linan, Noah Halpern, Bianca Hamer, Jessie Hamer, Michael Hamer, Chris Hernandez, Tori Klein, Madeleine Lane, Katie Lane, Clair Metoyer, Vivek Pandit, Yael Silberman, Lacet Stribling, Quinn Sullivan, Alexandra, Gabriel Uceda, Sophia Uceda, John Wagner, Maddie Wright.

Other volunteers:

Maria Cavender, Liberty Clark, David Clark, Silvia Halpern, David Hamer, Monica Hamer, Joanne Lane, Lucian Puente.

Medical Mission 

Our surgical team evaluated approximately 60 patients on Saturday June 11 and selected 43 patients for surgical procedures. The procedures were completed on June 16.

Plastic reconstructive procedures in extremities, include burn scar revisions, revision of scars from other traumatic injuries to improve limb function. 6

Facial reconstructive procedures include scalp scar revision, excision of face, ear, neck lesions. 4
Gynecomastia. 1
Lower extremity varicose vein. 1
Hand ganglion cyst. 2
Excision of lipoma 2.
Cleft lip/palate procedures. 14
Frenulectomy. 4
Tonsillectomy. 2
Septoplasty. 4.
Syndactily procedures. 6 

Total number of procedures 46 in 43 patients.

Dr. Thomas Shima, Director of Family Practice Program at Methodist Health System Dallas. Had a Family Practice Clinic. 200 patients evaluated at Yantaló Clinic from June 11-15. 144 patients evaluated at Los Angeles on June 16.

Dr Herschl Silberman, Cardiologist in McAllen Texas, directed a cardiology clinic. He and his team evaluated these patients with 120 echocardiograms.

Bicycle Donation Program 

For the third year year, a bicycle donation was performed. 50 bicycles were donated to school children from Yantaló, and the community of Los Angeles. This was possible with a donation from the  Texas Irish Cycling Team from Dallas, Texas (, and the arrangements made by Luciana Puente and “En Bici al Cole” for the purchase and delivery of the bicycles to the area. The donation was made on June 12 in the afternoon.

Yantaló Mission 2015, June 13-20, 2015

Physicians: Guillermo Bardales, Carlos Francia, Rajiv Pandit, Miguel Perez, Thomas Shima, Enmanuel Ubiñas, Pablo Uceda
Nurses; Taylor Daniel, Marla Dorris, Andre Henderson, Angie Henderson, Maria Limongi, Diana Munoz, Jessica Ramirez, Christina Zevallos 
Medical Students: Mike Hefler, Moez Moe, Erika Wallace, Luke Walker
Volunteers: Elba and Tom Delaune, Saúl Castillo, Joe Formella, Alex Venegas

Medical Mission

Our team evaluated more than 80 patients on Sunday, June 14 and selected 40 patients as candidates for surgical procedures. The surgical mission was completed successfully on Thursday, June 18. Dr. Tomas Shima evaluated approximately 200 patients in the Family Practice-Internal Medicine Clinic during that time. We had support from Peruvian physicians who volunteered to care for patients in the recovery room area overnight.

Bicycle Donation Program

Texas Irish Bicycling Team ( made a generous donation again that made this program possible in 2015.  More than 50 bicycles were donated to school children of Yantaló. Peruvian non-profit “En Bici al Cole” made arrangements for the purchase and transport of the bicycles to Yantaló. In the afternoon of June 14, the bicycles were delivered to the children that came to the Clinic with their parents despite a torrential rain in the early afternoon. 

Yantaló-Moyobamba Mission 2014

Physicians: Enmanuel Ubiñas, Faridy Cocco, Hetendra Makanbhai, Travis McVay, Thomas Shima, Pablo Uceda
Nurses: Jennifer Booker, Galina Chavez, Marla Dorris, Aneil Kamath, Joyce Chemuge, Maria Limongi, Lory Steinle, Melanie Uceda, Christina Zevallos, Tanner Harris, Leslie Perez.
Volunteers: Norma Cocco, Kaithlyn Egan, Joann Lane, Madeleine Lane, Mary McVay, Carlos Pancorvo jr., Abigail Steinle, Gabriel Uceda, Sophia Uceda, Alex Uceda, Evan Welch.
Bicycle Donation: Roy Brown, Scott Carson.

Bicycle Donation Program

Texas Irish Bicycling Team ( made a generous donation that made this program possible.  54 bicycles were donated to school children of Yantaló. Peruvian non-profit “En Bici al Cole” made arrangements for the purchase and transport of the bicycles to Yantaló. Texas Irish Team members Scott Carson and Roy Brown traveled with our group to organize the activity.  With their guidance, all available volunteers, both medical and non medical assembled the bicycles on June 21-22. In the afternoon of June 22, the bicycles were delivered to the children in an emotional ceremony at Yantaló Clinic. City and School officials attended the event, as well as  Luciana Puente , representing “En Bici al Cole”, and Dr. Luis Vasquez. It was a memorable day and a highlight of our trip.

Medical Mission

Yantaló Clinic recruited 61 patients to be evaluated for surgical procedures. These patients, mainly children, were evaluated by surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses in Moyobamba on June 21. 31 patients were considered candidates for surgery. The surgical mission was performed in the town of Rioja, approximately 40 minutes from our hotel in Moyobamba. From June 23 -26, the surgical team performed 46 procedures in 31 patients. Breakdown of the procedures, 6 cleft lip and palate deformities, 7 repairs of facial scars, 10 syndactily, 22 extremity deformities, 1 laparotomy for ectopic pregnancy (the team assisted the local gynecologist in an emergency). All patients did well. On June 27, a team of surgeons and nurses and volunteers made final rounds and discharged patients.

Huancavelica Mission 2013

Our group visited Huancavelica from July 14 to 20. We joined the second week of the mission led by Dr. Ralph Kuon. approximately 20 surgical procedures were performed that included pediatric hernias, gynecologic procedures, three thyroid tumors, plastic surgery procedures, and a life saving procedure in an infant with a large benign liver tumor. Our pediatrician and pediatric nurse were very busy at the pediatric clinic. In addition, non clinical volunteers did an extraordinary job at the orphanage, Aldea "San Francisco de Asís" rebuilding the playground, clothes lines, and repairing their kitchens appliances as well and providing supplies. Our group donated in excess of $13,000 distributed on the cost of a donation of 34 bicycles to children of the orphanage, and the maintenance and repair of the orphanage building.

Our list of volunteers: Carl Adkins, M.D., Patrick Barrientes, Benjamin Carrillo, Galina Chavez, R.N., Carlos Dominguez, Ricardo Dominguez, Andrea Fa, M.S., Brooke Hollmann, Carla Laos, M.D., Aneil Kamath, R.N., Frank Martin, R.N., Carlos Pancorvo Jr., Beth Poyner, R.N., Michelle Rogers, R.N., Laura Ryan, M.D., Eric Ryan, Lori Steinle, R.N., Abigal Steinle, Hendy Trujillo, R.N., Tommie Tipton, R.N., Alexandra Uceda, Sophia Uceda, Melanie Uceda,R.N., Pablo Uceda, M.D., Our group was joined in Perú by Meli Chavez, Beto Herrera, M.D., Luis Ortega, M.D, and Adolfo Gamarra,M.D.   

Ayacucho Mission 2012

Our group of volunteers visited Ayacucho from July 8 to 13. Working with medical volunteers from California the surgical team performed approximately 50 operations that included cleft lip and palate reconstructive procedures and and abdominal surgical procedures. Our volunteers supported all the clinics. We also visited the orphanage Casa La Luz and gave gifts and supplies to its 50 children, and our pediatritian, Dr. Bardiak, evaluated and treated children affected with upper respiratory illness.

Our list of volunteers: Carl Adkins, M.D.,Justin Ahn, M.S., Anna Allred, M.D., Guillermo Arispe, Karen Chapman Arispe, Bardia Amirlak, M.D., Irandj Amirlak, M.D., Alin Bijan, Galina Chavez, R.N., Julia Chen, M.S., Erica Chimelsky, M.D., Andrea Fa, Bavanni Gannavarapu, M.S., Irina Gasanova, M.D., Zaira Gasanova, Kristina Goff, M.D., Brooke Hollman, Cami Kliner, Meghan Michael, M.D., Caille Meiss, R.N., Doricely Martinez, Carlos Pancorvo, Rajiv Parmar, M.S., Kenneth Ryan, Nelson Santiago, Carmen Santiago, R.N.,  Summeet Teotia, M.D., Melanie Uceda, R.N., Pablo Uceda, M.D., Jacky Uceda, M.D., Norma Urbina, R.N.   

Ayacucho Mission 2011

Our group of volunteers visited Ayacucho from August 7 to 12. The surgical team performed near 30 procedures that included several complex cleft lip and palate procedures. A young woman underwent reconstruction of a left maxillary and orbit deformity with success.

Volunteers from North Texas that participated in the mission trip to Ayacucho in 2011: Carl Adkins, M.D., Anna Allred, M.D.,John Antonetti, M.D., Natalie Beauford, R.N., Rob Busch, M.D., Julia Chen, J. Faridy Cocco, M.D., Michelle Escamilla, R.N., Victor Hazbun, Aneil Kamath, R.N.,Kelly McKenzie, R.N.,  Emmanuel Ubinas, M.D., Gabriel Uceda, Melanie Uceda, R.N., Pablo Uceda, M.D., Pedro Yabar.

Ayacucho Mission 2010

Last year our group of volunteers from North Texas visited Ayacucho from June 7 to 11. The team performed again near 50 surgical procedures that included a record number of procedures on young children to repair complex lip and palate deformities.

Volunteers that participated in North Texas Ayacucho Mission trip 2010:   John Antonetti, M.D., Julia Chen, J. Faridy Cocco, M.D., Christopher Frisch, M.S., Kimberly Hays, Fabian Garza, Aneil Kamath, R.N., Allie Klein, John Jacob Klein, Kevin Klein, M.D., Sandra Lozano, M.D., Tonya Pickard, R.N., Claudia Reynoso, R.N., Emmanuel Ubinas, M.D., Gabriel Uceda, Melanie Uceda, R.N., Pablo Uceda, M.D.


Ayacucho Mission 2009

In 2009 a group of volunteers from North Texas visited Ayacucho for the annual medical mission from July 12 to July 18. The team performed near 50 surgical procedures and provided medical care for children at the Pediatric Clinic. We also participated at the activities at the Ayacucho Orphanage.

These are the volunteers from North Texas:

Physicians: Gordon Bruce, John Chau, Sandra Lozano, Enmanuel Ubinas, Pablo Uceda
Nurses: Aneil Kamath, Claudia Reynoso, Valerie Small, Magean Thompson, Melanie Uceda.
Dietician: Monica Bruce.
Medical Students: Justin Ahn, JR Zatarain.
Volunteers: Jennifer Bentley, Christian and Johnathan Bruce, Julia Chen, Savannah Murphy, Gabriel Nunez, Gabriel Uceda

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